Six recipes.  Six different women.
One common story,  shaped by family,  community, and heritage.
A story, connected  by six different lifetimes of hardship and joy.
Of shared skills,  mastered over decades  of repetition.
Many narratives.  One remarkable story.



About this project

“All sorrows are less with bread” - Cervantes

Artist and social innovator Mariette Sluyter’s Bread opens the oven door on the practice of baking bread and highlights the way it connects to our cultural and emotional wellbeing. An experiment in human connectivity and interactive storytelling, Bread allows us to take a peek into the lives of six older women from very different backgrounds, all of whom share a passion for bread making.

The web-based project grew out of work Mariette was doing with Calgary Family Services’ Older Adult Team, where baking bread was used as a means to bring people together and improve their quality of life. The theory was that if older people who were at risk of social isolation got together and shared recipes from their culture, they could break down cultural barriers through their own innate storytelling desire, in order to ‘find the universals’ that transcend culture.

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Produced by the National Film Board of Canada
Created by Mariette Sluyter

Associate ProducerTeri Snelgrove
Interactive ProducerDana Dansereau
Executive ProducerLoc Dao

Written byMariette Sluyter
Story EditorJen Moss
DesignerTracey Lebedovich
DeveloperDarren Ortiz
French language adaptationURBANIA
Operations and Production ManagerJanine Steele
Project ManagersVanessa Fukuyama, Laura Mitchell
Interactive EditorNicholas Klassen

Copy EditorJen Moss
Recipe EditorStacey Sellars

Director of PhotographyAndrew Coppin
Location Sound RecordistsPer Asplund, Frank Russo, Sean Feldstein
Video EditorBill Hardman
Audio EditorJen Moss
Sound Designer and ComposerDan Leavers
Motion GraphicsChris McKinlay

Studio AdministratorJennifer Roworth
Production CoordinatorsKaren Downing, Kat Jayme
Production SupervisorKathryn Lynch
Technical Edit CoordinatorWes Machnikowski
Production AssistantsKaren Chapman, Sarah Hagar, Nancy Jibbe
Marketing ManagerJenny Thibault
PublicistPat Dillon
Web MarketingJulie Matlin, Kathryn Ruscito
System AdministratorsSergiu Raul Suciu, Bruno Gervasi

Special Thanks: Carya
Heather Jalbout
Moira Keigher
Natalie Muyres
Brian Nicol
Brian Padlewski
Pieter Stathis
Sean Toner
William F. White International
The women of Bread and their families